Values - Therapy


As therapy Aycronto® diagnosis and therapy uses diets, homeopathy, myotensive manual therapy, posture correction according to podo-orthesiology, acupuncture and auricular-therapy techniques. Of course, remedies out of western medicine are used if indicated.

Diet therapy 
In therapy with diets Aycronto® therapy insists on 100% eradication of the primary food hypersensitivity. Secondary hypersensitivities (sometimes filling long lists) mostly spontaneously disappear in shorter or longer time, when primary hypersensitivities are respected.

Aycronto® diagnosis and therapy uses "energetic drug picture". Like homeopathy made drug pictures of thousands of homeopathic remedies, so Aycronto® did this to be able to work with homeopathic energetic drug pictures. These homeopathic energetic drug pictures are to be compared with the energetic disease pictures and that leads to the prescription of homeopathic remedies. In practice this Aycronto® method proves to be extremely accurate in sorting out the different homeopathic remedies.


Myotensive manual therapy
Myotensive manual therapy and posture corrections sometimes are used to correct backside blocking of vertebrates, in order to optimalise the study of energy currents. If necessary special shoe lay-ins can be applied if necessary for a postural correction. Doctor René Bourdiol educated in this soft (=myotensive) method.

Chinese body-acupuncture
Seldomly classic Chinese body-acupuncture is used to change therapy resistiveness. In order to minimise the danger of infections we always use one-time sterilised throw-away needles of premium quality. Of course we never needle patients, not wishing to be needled.

Auricular acupuncture or auricular therapy
We often use techniques from auricular acupuncture, as developped by the Groupe Lyonnais d'Études Médicinales in France. Ear-acupuncture with special ear-acupuncture needles are widely known. These also are throw-away needles of premium quality. Semi-permanent residing needles being active during a couple of weeks are famous. Also micro-currents and magnetic stimuli on defined frequencies are used. Micro-laser beams on certain frequencies also are a used therapy.