Values - Compensative method

Compensative method
This unique Aycronto® compensative method, distinguishes primary hypersensitivities from secondary allergies. Those people with long lists of nutritional allergies are helped by just sorting out the secondary "pseudo" allergies from the primary disturbing factors. Skipping the definite primary disturbing factors from the nutritional pattern is crucial for a therapeutical effect of homeopathic remedies.


Only when all the energy mapping is finished, a therapeutical proposal is possible. Always the disturbing factors in health counseling have to be un-earthed in order not to treat just the symptoms and results of the disease and it is no use fighting a losing battle. A slow healing of all secondary symptoms will be the result of grasping the final cause of the disturbing disease. Of course this is different from results as a consequence of hypnosis and placebo. The latter will only result in unwanted fake healing.

This method in Aycronto® diagnosis distinguishes it from all other alternative medicinal diagnostics. As the posibility to track all mechanisms of illness into its roots makes Aycronto® diagnosis into a unique approach. Because of the complexity of this kind of research it is absolutely necessary to be trained as an M.D. with specific attention to neuro-anatomy and neuro-physiology. Nowadays alternative medicine cannot depart from superficial symptoms in order to decide to any therapeutic approach.

To repeat the essentials from above: Aycronto® diagnosis judges different types of energy, energy - fields and energy - currents in their complete interactive pattern using different techniques.