Merel van den Bos

Mrs Merel van den Bos is qualified in most levels of AYCRONTO® diagnosis and therapy and is a qualified applied psychologist (BA).

Merel van den Bos is active in this field since 1976 and has organised and followed many courses and conferences in this speciality.

Her studies encompass:

  • Training in homeopathy in the practice for Aycronto diagnosis and therapy.
  • Training in acupuncture and auricylar therapy in the practice for Aycronto diagnosis and therapy.
  • Training for Aycronto-therapist in the practice for Aycronto diagnosis and therapy.
  • Several different training in food commodities.
  • Several trainings in management on bachelor's level.

Merel is trained as an applied psychologist (BA), specialised in coaching of (higly sensitive) people with health- and stress-related problems.

She uses the following methodes and techniques based on Eastern philosophy. The methods have been tested scientifically by western psychology and proven effective.

  • Dialectic behavioural therapy focussing on emotional problems and interpersonal efficacy, like communication.
  • Acceptant and commitment therapy focussing on psychological flexibility by developping competencies in this area like stress-tolerance.
  • First generation cognitive behavioural therapy focussing on emotions and cognitive restructuring.
  • Second generation behavioural therapy, including mindfulness. Mindfulness has a proven efficacy in stress-related and health problems.
  • Transpersonal psychology; the psychology for which among others Jung has laid the foundations. Giving meaning is the central focus.
  • Psychological coaching is done in the dutch language as nuances in language are therapeutically important.