Antonie van den Bos

Antonie van den Bos, M.D. apart from being a medical doctor (M.D.) is qualified in all levels of AYCRONTO® diagnosis and therapy. He developed AYCRONTO® diagnosis and therapy as a consequence of auricular therapy by Paul Nogier M.D.

Antonie van den Bos is full-time medical doctor (M.D.) and since 1975 has given, organised and followed lots of courses and trainings in this speciality.

After his study at the Medical Faculty in Rotterdam he studied:

  • Classic Chinese acupuncture with prof Chen Kai Yan in HongKong and Dr J Bischko in Vienna, Austria.
  • the Netherlands Acupuncture Society for M.D.’s.
  • Electro-acupuncture with Dr Reinhold Voll in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Auricular therapy with the Groupe Lyonnais d'Études médicales in Lyon, France.

  • Auricular medicine with Dr Paul Nogier.
  • Homeopathy with the Groupe Lyonnais d’Études Médicales in Lyon France.
  • Myotensive manual therapy and podo-orthesiology with Dr René Bourdiol in Paris France.