Costs in the Netherlands

The first (diagnostic) consultation with duration of 60 minutes costs € 150, = (incl. 21% VAT). The control consultations that followed thereafter, with duration of 30 minutes cost € 70, = (incl. 21% VAT). If the consultation period takes longer, then each block of 30 minutes costs € 70, = (incl. 21% VAT) extra. These rates include all investigations in the practice itself, such as manual therapeutic examination by the myotensive method, research on energy blockades, aycronto diagnostic energy fields research and therapy, food provisions, etc. This also includes reporting to you within 2 weeks after the investigation. Since 01/01/2013 in the Netherlands the Acupuncture Doctors are subject to 21% VAT rate, so all mentioned prices are including 21% VAT.

The diagnostic investigations are performed by Doctor Antonie van den Bos performed. The diet consultancy and coaching carried out by Mrs. Merel van den Bos. The therapy check-ups may and can be carried out in a joint consultation.

In our practice the preferred way of paying for consultations is in cash, to keep the administration simple. Other ways of payment involve an extra handling fee..

Whether your health insurance reimburses (any part of) incurred costs of our treatments, depends of your agreement with the insurance company.

For health insurers and health insurance, the following is of interest: Dr Antonie van den Bos was registered as a doctor on January 18, 1988 under number 727 in the medical inspection of the province of Utrecht. His degree is of October 13, 1972 (Medical Faculty Rotterdam).
Under the number 09020179301 Dr. van den Bos is registered in the individual health (BIG register). The (new) AGB register filed us under number 84021632 with practice code: 84052908.

Of the many qualifications that Antonie van den Bos owns, the C certificate from the Dutch Medical Acupuncture Society (April 30, 1977, certificate number 003) is recognized in the Netherlands. He is a member of the Dutch Association of Medical Acupuncture. He is not registered as a GP and is an acknowledged expert in alternative medicine. Please note that additional funds of insurance companies and funds! Finally you can also post your insurer a fee if you can prove that your treatment with Aycronto saved the insurer money. The by Dr van den Bos's report can be used as an argument.