Route Julianadorp (Curacao)

By car (Jan Noorduijnweg)

Coming over the Jan Noorduijnweg from Santa Maria you will just cross the roundabout at the road to Westpunt and you will arrive on the Sint Michielsweg in Julianadorp. Just continue this road straight on. The 5th crossing (at the Schroeder school and Goilo school) turn left into the Parkweg. This Parkweg should be followed till the second crossing. This is the crossing with the Dam. Right at this corner in the one story white house with orange rooftiles the practice is located. At the street a sign with the names is to be remarked.


By car(road to Bullenbaai)

Coming from the road to Bullenbaai at Supermarkt Centraal Piscadera enter the the gate into Julianadorp (called Rondeweg). Immediately after entering Julianadorp turn left into the Hofweg. At the second crossing turn right into the Parkweg. At the nexth crossing with the Dam or Damweg the practice is found right at the corner. It is the first one-story house on the left side. A sign with the practice name is visible on the roadside.