making an appointment

You can make an appointment by calling one of the numbers listed under the heading contact. If you are unable to attend the appointment, then you will be asked to cancel your appointment on time (at least one week in advance). Other patients can be scheduled in the freed up time. Please understand that if canceled later then one week in advance, that the reserved time will have to be charged (unless the reserved time can be filled with another patient ).

It is very important to prepare for the visit, by systematically writing down your complaints. Also make a list in advance of your symptoms and duration, family composition, all drugs, all earlier operations (year), level of coffee, alcohol, tea, cocoa, cigarettes and drugs. We are also required to write down your social security number (passport, identity card or insurance card with you). Send this information in advance (a photo is added to the data during the consultation).

[!] NOTE
It is essential for the study not to interfere with other therapies such as magnetization, acupuncture and treatment with magnets or electric appliances (including a sunbed and facial tanner). This kind of treatment needs to be stopped six weeks before the study. Mega vitamin therapies also influence the energy and should be discontinued one month in advance. Also have herbs, herbal teas (including rooibos tea), vitamins and homeopathy three weeks in advance to be put on a "clean" image for the diagnostic measure. Prescribed drugs of your own GP or specialist may be used! If you have any doubts, please call us!

The first appointment
The first appointment involves a consultation to come to a diagnosis. This first consultation will take approximately one hour. This includes time for registration, examination and after talks. Also, we always report the results of the study.

At the first appointment a general inquiry will be conducted to make a "YIN YANG BALANCE". The energy fields, currents and species are analyzed. Also, if energy fields and / or currents and / or species are inaccurate, the (underlying) causes are considered. A general explanation of the used method is described in the report that we┬┤ll sent you after the first examination. The type of therapy depends on the proposed "YIN YANG BALANCE". In general, the ancient Chinese rule is valid that yin diseases do not respond to acupuncture, but rather on diets and herbs. Yang diseases on the other hand correspond well to acupuncture. The found "YIN YANG BALANCE" determines on which term monitoring is necessary. Usually with addictions should be stopped. It should especially on alcohol, coffee, cocoa, tobacco and drug addiction are thought to have drugs not to mention. SEE ALSO: [diagnostics]

Depending on the diagnosis, a recommended therapy. SEE ALSO [Therapy]